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Development of The Polaris Indy

Posted On: Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Supertrax Co-Publisher Motorhead Mark Lester takes a look back at the development of the Polaris Indy digging deeper into its roots.

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Episode Title Description  
13 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 1 Luke and Brad travel to where the snow is plenty and the riding is unlimited - the Quebec region of Mauricie and Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean. AJ makes quick work at transforming our Yamaha YZ450FX into the ultimate go anywhere snow bike with Timbersled’s ST120 kit. Then we head for the steep & deep as we push Ski Doo’s G4 Summit X 850 E-TEC to the limit.
12 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 2 AJ travels to British Columbia, Canada and hooks up with the boys from Backus Racing for some late season riding and a chance to shred some powder on TimberSleds. Then AJ’s installing a Marlon Truck Deck and Luke evaluates Yamaha’s 2017 Sidewinder XTX with a 141-inch track.
11 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 3 We take a closer look at the launch of last season's North America's Top Snowmobiler contest, then AJ's putting the finishing touches on his TimberSled LE build, then he’s in the powder aboard the 2017 Polaris 800 Switchback Assault.
10 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 4 We’re in the steep and deep for a good ol’ fashioned shootout between Ski-Doo’s Summit X 174 and the Polaris 800 Pro RMK 174 LE! Then we're working on a Ski-Doo Freestyle that Vern just picked up for his daughter and Motorhead Mark evaluates Arctic Cat’s 2017 ZR 9000 Thundercat!
9 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 5 We shoot out two powerhouses for 2017 pitting Ski-Doo’s G4 850 against Yamaha’s turbocharged Sidewinder for horsepower dominance! Then Motorhead Mark takes us on a journey back in time to look how Arctic Cat’s 2017 Thundercat has lived up to the historic reputation of its namesake. Then in TEST RIDE, AJ tackles the mountainside to show us Ski-Doo’s Summit X 174 3-inch and Luke explores how Ski-Doo has revolutionized the modern snowmobile.
8 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 6 We head to Carl Kuster’s Mountain Park in Sicamous BC, Canada to ride with some of the industry’s top female backcountry mountain riders and learn of the cool contest they're running for ladies who want to become better riders, AJ’s looking at some cool aftermarket accessories from Woody's, FXR, CKX and more that can make your ride experience better, then Luke’s evaluating the 2017 Polaris XCR 800.
7 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 7 Luke's riding out of his home turf in Ontario Canada on an adventure from Haliburton to Pembroke and back showcasing some of the beautiful trails Ontario's Highlands has to offer. AJ's installing a Composit Talon 38 Track on one of our sleds gaining a ton of performance while staying within his budget. Then Luke's evaluating the 2017 Yamaha Sidewinder S-TX DX.
6 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 8 AJ explores the rise of TimberSled and compares it to the 2017 Polaris Assault 144. Then Motorhead Mark sits down with Yamaha’s John Blaicher Jr. to get some insight into Yamaha's motivation behind building the triple cylinder Genesis turbocharged snowmobile powerplant. Luke takes a look at FXR Racing's snowmobile gear and explores the technology that goes into every single garment. Then in TEST RIDE Motorhead Mark evaluates Arctic Cat’s El Tigre 8000.
5 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 9 It's a triple-threat battle between Arctic Cat's 8000 Series, Ski-Doo's 850 E-TEC and Polaris' Cleanfire 800 H.O. Mark reaches out to Yamaha Motor Canada's, Vice President of Sales & Marketing based in Toronto, Ontario to discuss the future of Yamaha snowmobile products. Then Luke takes the Polaris RMK 174 for a rip and details his thoughts on the sled.
4 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 10 AJ Lester and Vern Putzer travel to Quebec to do some mountain riding with Jonathan Lefebvre and Aventure Chic-Chocs on Polaris PRO-RMKs and Timbersleds. Then AJ installs some accessories from Woody's to help increase overall traction and performance for his sled and Luke takes out the Ski-Doo MXZ X 850.
3 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 11 AJ's on a journey to Northwest Ontario to do some riding in Atikokan and Thunder Bay. Then AJ pulls out one of our Dirt Trax rigs and winterizes a Polaris Sportsman 1000 XP for the final weeks of winter. Finally, Mark rides the 2017 Ski-Doo Renegade X 850 and offers his thoughts on the sled.
2 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 12 We get a sneak peek at the 2018 sleds including the Ski-Doo G4 Renegade XRS, Polaris Titan and the return of Yamaha's SnoScoot, AJ looks to increase horsepower and performance on our Sidewinder with the installation of an MBRP Exhaust and Luke evaluates Arctic Cat’s 2017 XF 8000 Cross Country.
1 SNOWTRAX TV 2017 - EPISODE 13 Our pick for 2017's Real World Sled of the Year will be unveiled in a final showdown between Polaris, Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat and Yamaha. AJ presents the winner of the 2017 Revolutionary Advanced Design (RAD) Award and Mark evaluates Yamaha's 2017 Sidewinder R-TX SE.


Episode Title Description  
13 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 01 Luke brings a guest, to the Charlevoix region of Quebec, to participate along side him at the annual poker rally being held at the famous Fairmont Manoir Richelieu. Then AJ evaluates the 2016 Polaris RMK LE SnowCheck Special Edition featuring a 163-inch track with 3-inch lugs.
12 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 02 AJ’s boondocking way up north in Wawa Ontario Canada. Then Luke gives us an in-depth look at Ski-Doo’s all-new Pilot TS Adjustable Ski. Then in TEST RIDE, Luke evaluates Arctic Cat’s 2016 ZR 8000 137 Limited.
11 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 03 Motorhead Mark takes his brother and business partner Kent Lester to Quebec to relive the glory days and experience a whole new adventure. Then AJ's in the TRAIL TECH shop working on his 2016 Polaris SKS project sled with a little help from MBRP. Then in TEST RIDE Luke evaluates Ski-Doo's 2016 Summit X 800 T3.
10 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 04 Motorhead Mark has the opportunity to sit down with two heavyweights in the snowmobile industry to discuss the cooperative engine supply and manufacturing agreement between Yamaha and Arctic Cat. Then AJ's in the TRAIL TECH shop working on his 2016 Polaris SKS project sled. Then in TEST RIDE, Motorhead Mark evaluates the 2016 Polaris AXYS RUSH 800 Pro-S.
9 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 05 The guys are in Revelstoke BC riding with Brock Hoyer and Randy Swenson from Yamaha. Then in TEST RIDE, Luke gets into the powder with Arctic Cat’s 2016 M8000 Limited.
8 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 06 We shootout this season's top mountain sleds featuring 3-inch lug tracks! In TRAIL TECH, AJ continues his 2016 Polaris SKS project sled build. Then in TEST RIDE, AJ evaluates Ski-Doo's 2016 Blizzard!
7 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 07 AJ’s in West Yellowstone doing some off-trail exploring about his RMK! Then in TRAIL TECH Luke is installing some Woody’s aftermarket parts. Thein in TEST RIDE AJ evaluates Yamaha’s 2016 SRViper M-TX featuring a 3-inch lug track.
6 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 08 AJ gets some saddle time aboard the Polaris AXYS Pro RMK and gives us a closer look at its development. Then Luke's aboard Ski-Doo's repackaging of the 1200 4-TEC Renegade X. Then Motorhead Mark gives us a closer look at Yamaha's 2016 SRViper R-TX 129.
5 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 09 AJ’s in the shop adding some accessories to our 2016 Arctic Cat XF 6000 Limited. Then Luke's evaluating the 2016 Polaris AXYS RUSH Pro-X. Then AJ looks at some very cool tools you’re probably going to want to get your hands on to have in your shop. Then Luke evaluates Ski-Doo’s 2016 Renegade Enduro 800R.
4 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 10 We take a look at some of the best areas to ride in Ontario Canada. Then in TEST RIDE AJ evaluates Yamaha's 2016 Apex and Motorhead Mark evaluates Arctic Cat's 2016 XF 7000 CrossTour.
3 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 11 We go over the details for the Arctic Cat Dream Ride Giveaway and get the opportunity to ride with the winners. Then in TEST RIDE, AJ evaluates the 2016 Ski-Doo MXZX 800R. Then we take a look at the 2017 sleds available from Arctic Cat and Polaris.
2 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 12 Luke gets to visit with FXR’s founder Milt Reimer to talk about the company’s strategy for success and get an inside look at what makes the snowmobile clothing manufacturer tick. In TEST RIDE, Motorhead Mark evaluates the 2016 Polaris Switchback Adventure. Then we take a look at the 2017 Ski-Doo snowmobile lineup and the 2017 Yamaha snowmobile lineup.
1 SNOWTRAX TV 2016 - EPISODE 13 It's that time of year again where we make our pick for the SnowTrax Television Real World Sled of The Year (SOFTY). Then we reveal our choice for the RAD Award that showcases this season's most innovative design or technology. Then in TEST RIDE we evaluate Ski-Doo's 2016 Expedition Xtreme 800R.


Episode Title Description  
13 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 1 Luke and a friend are in Québec sampling some fantastic trails in the Côte-Nord - Manicouagan region. Then AJ's aboard the 2015 Polaris 800 Switchback Pro-X.
12 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 2 SnowTrax Television Co-Host Luke Lester is in Québec exploring the Chaudière-Appalaches and Centre-du-Québec regions. AJ takes a closer look at Ski-Doo's revolutionary RAS2 front suspension, then Luke evaluates Ski-Doo's 2015 Renegade XRS.
11 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 3 AJ and Luke travel to Sicamous, BC to ride with Carl Kuster of CKMP at his Mountain Park facility. Then Luke’s aboard Yamaha’s 2015 SRViper M-TX 162 LE.
10 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 4 Motorhead Mark takes an in depth look at the development of the Polaris AXYS. Then AJ evaluates Arctic Cat's 2015 XF 9000.
9 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 5 AJ takes a look at Polaris’ success in the mountain market, Luke compares Polaris’ AXYS Pro X against Ski-Doo’s Renegade XRS and then AJ evaluates the Summit X T3 and then examines Ski-Doo’s T3 technology.
8 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 6 Motorhead Mark looks deeper into Yamaha's Performance Damper, then Luke rides the 2015 Polaris AXYS RUSH and AJ's installing an MBRP exhaust on our 1200 4TEC Renegade.
7 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 7 Luke's riding sleds in Timmins Ontario Canada. AJ explores revolutionary technology from Ski-Doo and then Mark evaluates Yamaha's 2015 Vector LTX.
6 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 8 The guys show off their vintage snowmobile collection and then do an overview of what they like and don’t like about their sleds. Mark evaluates Arctic Cat’s 2015 ZR 9000 Turbo SnoPro.
5 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 9 We’re in Winnipeg, Canada interviewing FXR’s head honcho Milt Reimer. Then Motorhead Mark Lester gets to sit down with Arctic Cat’s former VP of Engineering Roger Skime. Luke evaluates Ski-Doo’s 2015 GSX and AJ shows us the MPI turbo kit available for Yamaha’s SRViper.
4 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 10 We're riding with the winner of the Arctic Cat RIDE MORE contest. AJ's in the TRAIL TECH shop working on a really sweet sled. Then he reviews the 2015 Polaris 550 Indy Adventure.
3 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 11 We're taking a closer look at all the new 2016 sleds, then Luke reviews Yamaha's 2015 SR Viper XTX and AJ's working on our two Arctic Cat Dream Ride Giveaway sleds.
2 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 12 Luke’s riding with Ski-Doo’s newest backcountry Ambassador Jeremy Mercier. Guest Correspondent Shelby Mahon evaluates Arctic Cat’s ZR 4000 and AJ’s starting the second sled in our Arctic Cat Dream Ride Giveaway custom build.
1 SNOWTRAX TV 2015 - EPISODE 13 It's time to make our selection for the annual SnowTrax Television Real World Sled of The Year and AJ presents our choice for the annual Revolutionary Advanced Design Award. Then AJ's back in the shop completing our 2015 M 8000 Limited build project for the Arctic Cat Dream Ride Giveaway contest and Motorhead Mark evaluates Ski-Doo's 2015 1200 4-TEC Renegade.


Episode Title Description  
12 SnowTrax TV 2014 - Episode 12 Luke gets his first ride aboard Yamaha's 2015 Viper MTX. Then we make this season's selection for the annual SnowTrax Real World Sled of The Year Award.
11 SnowTrax TV 2014 - Episode 1 AJ gets an education in mountain sledding from FXR Sponsored pro rider Bret Rasmussen. Then Luke's slaying Arctic Cat's 2014 ZR 7000 LXR.
10 SnowTrax TV 2014 - Episode 2 Luke and a buddy ride the Lanaudiere and Mauricie regions of Quebec and Motorhead Mark evaluates Ski-Doo's 2014 Renegade 900 ACE.
9 SnowTrax TV 2014 - Episode 3 Luke rides with Brad and Brandy Loomis of Polaris West and Amber Holt from Backcountry Basics. Then AJ rides Yamaha's New 2014 SR Viper LTX SE and looks at traction products from Woody's.
8 SnowTrax TV 2014 - Episode 4 Luke and AJ head back out to BC to ride Ski-Doo Summits with Carl Kuster, then AJ reviews the 2014 Polaris RMK Assault 800 155.
7 SnowTrax TV 2014 - Episode 5 Mark sits down with BRP President and CEO José Boisjoli. AJ reviews Arctic Cat's 2014 El Tigre 6000 and Mark reviews Polaris' 2014 Indy 800 SP.
6 SnowTrax TV 2014 - Episode 6 AJ rides with Chris Burandt and the 12 winners of the Polaris RMK King Challenge Contest, Luke evaluates Ski-Doo's 2014 Freeride and Mark looks at the development of the Indy.
5 SnowTrax TV 2014 - Episode 7 Luke rides Arctic Cat's 2014 XF 8000 Limted, then he and a buddy load up their sleds and head out on a long thought about loop in Northern Ontario. Then AJ evaluates Ski-Doo's 2014 MX Z X-RS.
4 SnowTrax TV 2014 - Episode 8 The crew head out for a ride in Grey Bruce County in the Southwestern part of Ontario, Canada. Then AJ & Mark give a firsthand look at the 2015 Arctic Cat line-up.
3 SnowTrax TV 2014 - Episode 9 We see what's new for 2015, then we ride the Polaris AXYS and Luke rides Yamaha's 2014 Phazer XTX and then we put a new Camoplast track on our project F1100 Turbo.
2 SnowTrax TV 2014 - Episode 10 Luke heads out to ride with Arctic Cat sponsored backcountry riders Dave McClure and Rob Kincaid. Then AJ hops aboard the 2014 Polaris Indy Voyager, then studs up our F1100 turbo project sled with some Woody's Traction products.
1 SnowTrax TV 2014 - Episode 11 Mark rides with the winner of the 2014 Arctic Cat ZR RR 6000 giveaway, Luke hops aboard Ski-Doo's 1200 4-TEC powered MX Z TNT and Motorhead Mark evaluates Yamaha's 2014 SR Viper LTX, then AJ's studding our F1100 Turbo with Woody's Traction Products.